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Hostile Contact Training

Dominik Kosicinski - Milan

"I had previously been in the Special Forces Ranger Unit in the Swedish military where we were taught self defence and survival tactics. I've also been involved in various martial arts, but this far I hadn’t come across anything that struck me as being truly effective, then I was introduced to Andy and I was amazed at how effective RBM really is.

RBM will give you the tools and the confidence, to get out of encounters unhurt. The old belief ‘size and strength matter’ was eliminated, all in a very non-threatening and positive environment. What really matters is the right knowledge."

R. Sonne - Denmark

"Being ex-military with a long-range reconnaissance patrol unit, I can recognise a solid and efficient combat system when I see it.  I got introduced to Andy Rees and his RBM system, I seriously didn’t believe it to start with. It's so efficient and requires no fitness, no speed and little repetitive training, and still is THE system that does it all. I'm truly impressed with not only the system, but also the way it's taught. The teaching techniques are impressive and the knowledge about the psychological & physical processes in a stress situation, the functionality of the body and mind, and the way to use it all to your advantage, is worth gold.



"Self-defence is Andy's metier, and he is a highly skilled teacher. Before setting off on a journey for my latest book, about travelling with nomads across Niger's Sahel at a time of rebellion, Andy taught me how to disarm a gun-armed aggressor, which dissolved my fear of such potentially threatening scenarios in a hostile land. This is a fantastic life enhancer and will empower all those wishing to explore this path"


Alistair Carr - Author of The Nomad's Path: Travels in the Sahel

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