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About Andy Rees

Providing personal training sessions across Suffolk and Norfolk, all sessions are built specifically around essential principles which improve your physical and mental health, the foundations of which are present in all of the different elements available to you.

PT sessions

My experience in physical training is from a variety of sources, and is combined to give a unique approach to looking after the body, 'the organic motor home'. Rather than simply training hard, it's an intelligent and focused approach to exercise, which helps to address current injuries, muscles imbalances and the prevention of further injuries, alongside building a solid foundation of strength, stability and flexibility.

Having been fortunate to receive many years of private tuition from Master John Gent, co-founder of the British Wheel of Yoga and the most senior examiner in Britain for training yoga teachers, I enjoyed access to a wealth of authentic information on Chinese, Indian and Tibetan yoga. Also, my time spent preparing to teach people close quarters military combat gave me information on a modern approach to stretching, core strengthening exercises and stability training.


Blending these different approaches creates a training method which is unlike generic exercise and it can be tailored to very specific needs.

"Having done long distances triathlons, Iron Man events, cycling and cross country skiing events I felt I needed a more structured approach to training especially as inevitable aches and pains were starting to take their toll. Following a word of mouth recommendation I decided to see how Andy might help.​

Andy quickly figured me out and helped to identify weaker areas to develop and things have gone from strength to strength, I have a much better base fitness and I am a lot more flexible than when I started. Andy is very skilled with his knowledge about body mechanics, seamlessly adjusting routines to what he observes during a session and he is also a great person to spend time with too."


Mark Black -

Managing Director Portable Space 

"Working as a model for 12 years in London, Paris, and New York, I spent many hours pounding away in gyms under the tuition of instructors, many of whose methods were predictable, uninspiring, and ineffective but after training with Andy I felt fit and strong.

I became pregnant with my first child, so took a break from exercise and three years, and two caesareans later, with Andy's help and knowledge I safely repaired the damaged caused by the two caesareans, and regained my core strength. A year and a half on, and I have made a successful return to my modelling career. I am physically strong, I feel energised, happy and balanced. For these reasons, and due to the fact that he has become a good friend, Andy is indispensable in my life."

Sarah King

Tai Chi & Qigong 

I qualified to teach Tai Chi & Qi-gong after having the privilege of completing all of my training on a one to one basis with Ken Johnson, head of the Liang Yi school of Tai Chi. My lineage for Tai Chi & Qi Gong is;

  • Yang Cheng Fu - considered the best known teacher of Yang-style Taijiquan

  • Yang Shou-Chung, eldest son of Yang Cheng Fu

  • Master AFC Kong who learned directly from Yang Shou-Chung

  • Master Ken Johnson, elevated to the Head of the Liang Yi school by Master AFC Kong

  • Andy Rees - Instructor Level Liang Yi School of Tai Ji Quan & Qigong


Sessions can include:

  • Liang Yi Tai Chi form (Yang family heritage)

  • Tai Chi Spear form

  • Broadsword form

  • A variety of Qigong sets


I completed a very specialised training program in military close quarters combat and used this information to create a new approach to self-defence. One built on the fight or flight system, so it works when under stress of being attacked. This is not a sport, it offers practical and realistic self-defence training.

“Enrolling in Andy's self-defence prior to deploying to Kandahar in Afghanistan to work on 'hearts and minds' projects in outlying villages enhanced my confidence in dealing with confrontational and challenging situations greatly. Andy's quietly confident demeanour encouraged learning, was infectious and motivated all who were taught by him. Thank you Andy for the changes you made to my life, indirectly you could possibly have saved the lives of some of my gunners and I would recommend your training to anyone."


Tim Staples -

Retired Force Warrant Officer, RAF Regiment

"This is the most important, valuable self defence information I know of for people in today's society. Andy has a unique compassionate skillset amongst any peer group you could possibly envisage, coupled with the highest capability to teach and pass information on. His courses have always been safe, non-macho, require minimal fitness and no special skills to be efficient & effective. I came from a place of overt fear of violence, victimhood and insecurity but now possess confidence and a knowledgeable toolbox on how to defend myself. I am changed in my demeanour with a very quiet & healthy self-assurance. I wholeheartedly recommend his self-defence. "

Steve Lockhart - UK

"I had previously been in the Special Forces Ranger Unit in the Swedish military where we were taught self defence and survival tactics. I've also been involved in various martial arts, but this far I hadn’t come across anything that struck me as being truly effective and something I really wanted to devote myself to, then I was introduced to Andy and I was amazed at how easy  his self-defence really is.

Andy will give you the tools and the confidence, to get out of encounters unhurt. The old belief ‘size and strength matter’ was eliminated, all in a very non-threatening and positive environment. What really matters is the right knowledge."

Dominik Kosicinski - Milan

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