RBM is far more than just another self-defence concept.

Whilst giving invaluable ground-breaking principles to challenge the beliefs many people hold about how self-defence, it extends to learning that if your safety is on the line, or you’re feeling overwhelmed in life, you have the power to positively influence the situation. You will see your self-worth elevate, forging a deep belief of; 'I am worth fighting for!'

This information will change how you see the world around you and positively change how you see and value yourself.

Andy Rees

Creator & Principal Instructor of RBM

Andy Rees sees self-defence as a tool for helping people take control of their lives, not solely focusing on developing realistic solutions for the threat of violence, but instead creating a system for self-preservation in all of life’s stressful situations. Teaching how this can be used for limiting anxiety and improving overall physical and mental health.


RBM Self-Defence


A qualified close quarters, armed and unarmed combat instructor for specialist groups, Andy developed this information into a new effective and realistic self-defence method.

The skill range available to you includes:

  • Psychology & human behaviour relating to combat & social conflict violence

  • Close quarter hand to hand combat

  • Blade edge & projectile weapon disarmament, retention, and usage

  • Anti & counter carjacking

  • Urban threat awareness and counter measures

How does this translate into what you need to stay safe?

  • Learn about your fight, flight and freeze response

  • Increase your situational awareness

  • Learn how to stop an attacker immediately, not fight with them.


RBM Stress-Defence


Tai Chi & Chi Gong:

Andy had the privilege of training on a one to one basis with Ken Johnson, head of the Liang Yi school of Tai Chi, and 8th Dan in Shito-ryu Karate. After training extensively for years, Andy qualified to teach Tai Chi, Qi-gong, Karate, Kung Fu and other self defence and health systems.

Healthy Core Strength & Authentic Yoga:

Andy was fortunate to receive many years of private tuition from Master John Gent, the co-founder of the British Wheel of Yoga, and co-founder of Friends of Yoga. Master Gent is still the most senior examiner in Britain for training yoga teachers. Andy enjoyed access to a wealth of authentic information on Chinese, Indian and Tibetan yoga which are integrated into sessions, combined with a modern  approach to stretching, core strength and stability training.