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RBMdynamics provides a variety of sessions focused on helping to reduce stress, improve your health & fitness levels and also deliver a unique method of increasing your awareness and skill set in case you ever feel at risk from a violent attack.

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Lucy Johnston -Health Editor, Daily Express

I was nineteen and full of life when I was involved in a car collision. Rushed to Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, I fell into a coma, suffering a major head injury, collapsed lungs and broken pelvis. Miraculously I survived but little attention was paid to my broken pelvis and I suffered minor back and pelvis pain ever since. In July 2009 - after two caesareans' and a few years of carrying children - the pain became intense and constant and was difficult to bear. Painkillers made little or no difference and I could no longer walk without hurting let alone run or exercise. I became determined to find a solution. I spent nearly £20,000 of health insurance looking as I had two MRI scans, injections of painkillers into my spine, reiki, a year of Pilates, months of physiotherapy yoga, I visited 5 orthopaedic specialists, 7 chiropractors, 2 osteotherapists. I travelled around the country and even abroad to get help. Nothing seemed to work.

Then I met Andy who gently explained no matter what state my pelvis was in there was something I could do. It wasn't about spending hours in the gym building up muscles. I had those. It was about firing up muscles that had ceased to function because of damage or misuse. His patience, his strength and his belief in me helped me keep going. I adhere to his philosophy of exercise and strength building and, four years on, I have a bit of discomfort sometimes, but nothing like pain and I am living my life to the full again.

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