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A new approach to complete health & fitness

RBM is the unique system created by Andy Rees to have a remarkable positive impact on not only your fitness but your overall health. Immerse yourself in a variety of methods focused on improving your strength & fitness levels, such as learning a specialised way of stretching for increasing performance, recovery and injury prevention.

Perhaps incorporate some Tai Chi into your session to help develop total muscle control by strengthening the link between the brain, central nervous system and proprioreceptors. Understand how breathing techniques can directly influence parts of the brain which govern the fight or flight response, and gain control over your stress levels.


RBM has a very different approach to teaching self-defence than anything else in the world! Learn how your brain functions when in danger and how to use this to implement a simple but highly effective way to stop an attacker immediately. Most self-defence systems concentrate on the physical skills, we focus on the brain and ending the threat with simple methods which require no skill.

Being fit isn't enough, people are realising it's overall health which is important, not only building muscle and running. How we think about ourselves and the world around us is incredibly important for our health, which is why we incorporate personal safety training into the program, so you can relax, limit stress and enjoy life!   

Sessions are in person, on a 1-2-1 or a small group basis.

A 60 minute session can be structured around one element such as fitness, or include any other aspects like Tai Chi.


Session Outline

  • Dynamic range of motion for joint mobility.

  • Using PNF stretching techniques, moving the body in a slow and controlled way.

  • Body weight exercises to improve core strength to correct any imbalances in movement patterns.

  • Resistance exercises to improve overall strength and balance based on individual needs and ability.


Lucy Johnston -Health Editor, Daily Express

“I was nineteen and full of life when I was involved in a car collision. Rushed to Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, I fell into a coma, suffering a major head injury, collapsed lungs and broken pelvis. Miraculously I survived but little attention was paid to my broken pelvis and I suffered back and pelvis pain ever since. In July 2009 - after two caesareans' and a few years of carrying children - the pain became intense and constant and was difficult to bear. Painkillers made little or no difference and I could no longer walk without hurting let alone run or exercise. I became determined to find a solution. I spent nearly £20,000 of health insurance looking as I had two MRI scans, injections of painkillers into my spine, reiki, a year of Pilates, months of physiotherapy yoga, I visited 5 orthopaedic specialists, 7 chiropractors, 2 osteotherapists. I travelled around the country and even abroad to get help. Nothing seemed to work.
Then I met Andy who gently explained no matter what state my pelvis was in there was something I could do. It wasn't about spending hours in the gym building up muscles. I had those. It was about firing up muscles that had ceased to function because of damage or misuse. His patience, his strength and his belief in me helped me keep going. I adhere to his philosophy of exercise and strength building and, four years on, I have a bit of discomfort sometimes, but nothing like pain and I am living my life to the full again."


Gentle movements used as a form of exercise for both physical and mental well-being. These Eastern arts can provide an essential practice for modern living, where stress and anxiety are prevalent for many people in their daily lives.


Although the movements are slow and gentle, they can help improve the key components of fitness; muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and the ability to control breathing patterns to reduce stress.

Tai Chi in Motion


This is a very different approach to self-defence, it will help you build confidence and feel safe


The moves are simple, and are based on how you will react when in fight or flight rather than sticking to tradition or sport.

You will learn to protect yourself in any situation and feel empowered in your daily life.

Self Defence Training

Alistair Carr - Author of The Nomad's Path: Travels in the Sahel

"Self-defence is Andy's metier, and he is a highly skilled teacher. Before setting off on a journey for my latest book, about travelling with nomads across Niger's Sahel at a time of rebellion, Andy taught me how to disarm a gun-armed aggressor, which dissolved my fear of such potentially threatening scenarios in a hostile land. This is a fantastic life enhancer and will empower all those wishing to explore this path""

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