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RBMdynamics provides two types of training.

  • The first is specialist training for those who are likely to find themselves in a hostile environment.

  • The second, is using a self-defence system designed to help you to understand and manage stress in your life. You will also have a unique method of increasing your awareness and ability to protect yourself in case you ever feel at risk from a violent attack.

Your Options

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Hostile Contact Training

Our single focus is to teach how to react swiftly, efficiently and tactically in life-or-death scenarios.

RBM outlines exactly how your fight or flight system will impact on your survival performance, and will teach you a specialist approach to close quarters combat based entirely on the functional capabilities of your mind and body when in fight or flight.

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Self-Defence & Stress-Defence

Small group training focusing on helping to reduce stress in your life, in turn, improving your health.


This is achieved by changing your mindset using a unique method of self-defence. It will boost your confidence, and give you a skill set to feel safe in life.

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“Enrolling in RBM prior to deploying to Kandahar in Afghanistan to work on 'hearts and minds' projects in outlying villages enhanced my confidence in dealing with confrontational and challenging situations greatly. Andy's quietly confident demeanour encouraged learning, was infectious and motivated all who were taught by him. Thank you Andy for the changes you made to my life, indirectly you could possibly have saved the lives of some of my gunners and I would recommend your training to anyone."

Tim Staples -

Retired Force Warrant Officer, RAF Regiment

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