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"Self-defence is Andy's metier, and he is a highly skilled teacher. Before setting off on a journey for my latest book, about travelling with nomads across Niger's Sahel at a time of rebellion, Andy taught me how to disarm a gun-armed aggressor, which dissolved my fear of such potentially threatening scenarios in a hostile land. This is a fantastic life enhancer and will empower all those wishing to explore this path" 

Alistair Carr - Author of The Nomad's Path: Travels in the Sahel

Steve Lockhart - UK

"This is the most important, valuable self defence information I know of for people in today's society. Andy has a unique compassionate skillset amongst any peer group you could possibly envisage, coupled with the highest capability to teach and pass information on. His courses have always been safe, non-macho, require minimal fitness and no special skills to be efficient & effective. I came from a place of overt fear of violence, victimhood and insecurity but now possess confidence and a knowledgeable toolbox on how to defend myself. I am changed in my demeanour with a very quiet & healthy self-assurance. I wholeheartedly recommend RBM self-defence." 

Sarah King - UK

"Working as a model for 12 years in London, Paris, and New York, I spent many hours pounding away in gyms under the tuition of instructors, many of whose methods were predictable, uninspiring, and ineffective.


With Andy the exercises were difficult at first, some impossible, but as the weeks went by, the impossible slowly became the possible, and as a result I felt fit and strong. In 2007 I became pregnant with my first child, so took a break from exercise, but remained in touch with Andy. Three years, and two caesareans later, with Andy's help and knowledge I  embarked upon tailor made personal training sessions with Andy, who ensured I safely repaired the damaged caused by the two caesareans, and regained my core strength. A year and a half on, and I have made a successful return to my modelling career. I am physically strong, I feel energised, happy and balanced. For these reasons, and due to the fact that he has become a good friend, Andy is indispensable in my life."

Dominik Kosicinski - Milan

"I had previously been in the Special Forces Ranger Unit in the Swedish military where we were taught self defence and survival tactics. I've also been involved in various martial arts, but this far I hadn’t come across anything that struck me as being truly effective and something I really wanted to devote myself to.


A few years ago I found myself in the toilet of a UK nightclub with 4 other men intent on hurting me. Needless to say I had done nothing to warrant being in the situation as I’m not an aggressive person. Luckily I walked away with minor bruises, a trip to the doctors and a few days sick off work. Realising how helpless and how lucky I had been, I promised myself if I was to find myself in a similar situation again I would have the abilities to turn the tables in my favour. I also found how crippling it is not to able to defend oneself effectively, and  how debilitating a lack of belief in yourself and fear really are.

I was introduced to Andy and I was amazed at how easy RBMselfdefence really is. Andy will give you the tools and the confidence, to get out of such an encounter unhurt. The old belief ‘size and strength matter’ was eliminated, all in a very non-threatening and positive environment. What really matters is the right knowledge."

Mark Black -
Managing Director

Portable Space 

"Having done long distances triathlons, Iron Man events, cycling and cross country skiing events I felt I needed a more structured approach to training especially as inevitable aches and pains were starting to take their toll. Following a word of mouth recommendation I decided to see how Andy might help.​

Andy quickly figured me out and helped to identify weaker areas to develop and things have gone from strength to strength, I have a much better base fitness and I am a lot more flexible than when I started. Andy is very skilled with his knowledge about body mechanics, seamlessly adjusting routines to what he observes during a session and he is also a great person to spend time with too."

Capt. R. Sonne - Denmark

"Being ex-military with a long-range reconnaissance patrol unit, I can recognise a solid and efficient self-defence system when I see it. I'm now a middle aged Airline pilot, family dad and completely out of shape with no fitness. In this condition I started searching for a self defence system which would keep me safe if needed some day. Having done boxing in the army I knew this was unsuitable, as it requires fitness and speed, and it's not efficient at all. I then tried Aikido, this requires years of hard training to become any good, and still wouldn’t be efficient when taken by surprise. Next I tried Krav Maga, but again it requires speed, strength and hard training for a long time to become efficient. My brother is an ex black belt Taekwondo competition fighter, so I knew this was inefficient in real life as well.​

I got introduced to Andy Rees and his RBM self-defence system, I seriously didn’t believe it to start with. This system is so efficient and requires no fitness, no speed and little repetitive training, and still is THE system that does it all. I am truly impressed with not only the system, but also with the way it's taught by Andy in a safe and comfortable environment. Andy’s teaching techniques are impressive and his knowledge about the psychological and physical processes in a stress situation, the functionality of the body and mind, and the way to use it all to your advantage, is knowledge worth gold."

Rob Palmby - UK

The psychology of this system is life changing and the physical side is super efficient.

The way it's taught is so uncomplicated and very easy to grasp.

For me, it’s been more about changing my mindset, in turn this helps me to react positively to everyday situations, big or small. 

I highly recommend it.

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