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Liang Yi Tai Chi & QiGong (Yang family heritage)

Tai Chi form

Spear form

Sword form

A variety of Qigong sets

Tai Chi & Qigong

Andy qualified to teach Tai Chi & Qi-gong after having the privilege of completing all of his training on a one to one basis with Ken Johnson, head of the Liang Yi school of Tai Chi.

His lineage for Tai Chi & Qi Gong is;

  • Yang Cheng Fu - considered the best known teacher of Yang-style Taijiquan

  • Yang Shou-Chung, eldest son of Yang Cheng Fu

  • Master AFC Kong who learned directly from Yang Shou-Chung

  • Master Ken Johnson, elevated to the Head of the Liang Yi school by Master AFC Kong

  • Andy Rees - Instructor Level Liang Yi School of Tai Ji Quan & Qigong

Session Outline

Tai Chi & Qigong are an ancient internal Chinese health system using slow, flowing movements and natural breathing techniques to promote health. The slow movements can be adapted to be suitable for all participants at all levels of physical ability.


Although the movements are slow and gentle, they can improve the key components of fitness; muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and the ability to control breathing patterns to reduce stress.

Sessions will include;

  • Simple movements to loosen the body and help strengthen the muscles and joints.

  • Movements to help stimulate the lymphatic system

  • Various Qigong sets to build the link between the central nervous system and the limbs to increase balance and boost energy levels

  • Practice of a short Tai Chi form for relaxation and to help alleviate stress.

The Details

  • Private tuition is available, either in person or via an online platform.

  • Sessions are usually 60 minutes in duration, but these can be shorted if needed.

  • Fitness - Only a minimal level of fitness is required. Everything is set to your personal level.

  • Please email for availability, prices and location (unless online option is preferred)

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