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1 session per week

5 different location

Only 10 people per session

The 'RBM 50'

To ensure each RBM session is of the highest quality:

  • The number of people per session will always be restricted to 10 per class.

  • RBM has only 5 classes with Andy Rees scheduled per week.

  • To ensure your personal progress can be monitored and coached correctly there will only ever be 50 people on the weekly RBM program at any one time,

  • Sessions follow a structured outline, delivering the information you need in a logical and progressive way.

Session Outline

These sessions have been designed to deliver every aspect of what RBM dynamics has to offer you. In a nutshell, lower stress, keep the body healthy, and stay safe whilst enjoying life. 

Each session will have the elements of:

  • Helping you feel safe and secure, by giving realistic solutions to concerns about modern day threats of violence, including knife attacks, sexual assault, multiple attackers.

  • Exploring the warning signs which indicate an attack is likely.

  • Understanding the fight, flight & freeze response and why it is so important.

  • Learning simple ways to stop an attacker immediately if ever in danger.

  • Loading the data into the memory banks so you don't need to remember it.

  • Learning how to quickly take control of a situation if you feel threatened.


This will also change how you approach everyday life, by altering your perceptions of how you see the world around you, enhancing decision making and lowering stress levels. 

Enrolling in RBM self-defence prior to deploying to Kandahar in Afghanistan to work on 'hearts and minds' projects in outlying villages enhanced my confidence in dealing with confrontational and challenging situations greatly. Andy's quietly confident demeanour encouraged learning, was infectious and motivated all who were taught by him. Thank you Andy for the changes you made to my life, indirectly you could possibly have saved the lives of some of my gunners and I would recommend your training to anyone."

Tim Staples -

Retired Force Warrant Officer, RAF Regiment

The Details

These aren't seminars in a room rammed full of people copying what they've been shown, this is direct tuition with Andy Rees, the lead trainer and creator of RBM dynamics.​

  • There will only be 10 people in any session, ensuring each person receives quality tuition 

  • Safety first - information second!  You will learn information specifically designed to stop a violent threat to your life, this means you will be required to move slowly during the learning process to prevent injuries. Yes, you will be fast enough in a real threat and this will be explained during your sessions!

  • Fitness - Only a minimal level of fitness is required. Everything is set to your personal level.

  • Age - minimum age of 21yrs, unless discussed prior to the session.


The next step is to send an email to find out the locations, times and prices.

If the session is fully booked you can always join the waiting list

Private small group options are also available on request. 

"Being ex-military with a long-range reconnaissance patrol unit, I can recognise a solid and efficient self-defence system when I see it. I'm now a middle aged Airline pilot, family dad and completely out of shape with no fitness. In this condition I started searching for a self defence system which would keep me safe if needed some day.
Having done boxing in the army I knew this was unsuitable, as it requires fitness and speed, and it's not efficient at all. I then tried Aikido, this requires years of hard training to become any good, and still wouldn’t be efficient when taken by surprise. Next I tried Krav Maga, but again it requires speed, strength and hard training for a long time to become efficient. My brother is an ex black belt Taekwondo competition fighter, so I knew this was inefficient in real life as well.​

I got introduced to Andy Rees and his RBM self-defence system, I seriously didn’t believe it to start with. This system is so efficient and requires no fitness, no speed and little repetitive training, and still is THE system that does it all. I am truly impressed with not only the system, but also with the way it's taught by Andy in a safe and comfortable environment. Andy’s teaching techniques are impressive and his know
ledge about the psychological and physical processes in a stress situation, the functionality of the body and mind, and the way to use it all to your advantage, is knowledge worth gold.

Capt. R. Sonne - Denmark

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