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Core Strength

Efficient Stretching

Intelligent Exercise

Personal Training Sessions

Having been fortunate to receive many years of private tuition from Master John Gent, the co-founder of the British Wheel of Yoga, and co-founder of Friends of Yoga, and the most senior examiner in Britain for training yoga teachers, Andy enjoyed access to a wealth of authentic information on Chinese, Indian and Tibetan yoga.

Andy also gained information on a modern approach to stretching, core strengthening exercises and stability training from his time in preparing to teach close quarters military combat fighting. 

All of this experience is combined to give a unique approach to looking after the body, 'our organic motor home', in a way which helps to address current injuries, muscles imbalances and the prevention of further injuries alongside building a solid foundation of strength, stability and flexibility.

Session Outline

  • A dynamic range of motion for joint mobility

  • Using a mixture of  PNF stretching techniques, you will be moving the body in a slow and controlled way to rewire and correct any imbalances in movement patterns.

  • Body weight exercises to improve core strength

  • Resistance exercises to improve overall strength and balance based on individual needs and ability.

"Working as a model for 12 years in London, Paris, and New York, I spent many hours pounding away in gyms under the tuition of instructors, many of whose methods were predictable, uninspiring, and ineffective.


With Andy the exercises were difficult at first, some impossible, but as the weeks went by, the impossible slowly became the possible, and as a result I felt fit and strong. In 2007 I became pregnant with my first child, so took a break from exercise, but remained in touch with Andy. Three years, and two caesareans later, with Andy's help and knowledge I  embarked upon tailor made personal training sessions with Andy, who ensured I safely repaired the damaged caused by the two caesareans, and regained my core strength. A year and a half on, and I have made a successful return to my modelling career. I am physically strong, I feel energised, happy and balanced. For these reasons, and due to the fact that he has become a good friend, Andy is indispensable in my life."

Sarah King

The Details

  • Private tuition is available, either in person or via an online platform.

  • Sessions are usually 60 minutes in duration, but these can be shorted if needed.

  • Fitness - everything is set to your personal level.

  • Please email for availability, prices and location (unless online option is preferred)

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