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Weekly sessions for 16 to 18 year olds

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Who Are We
  • Building a resilient mindset to cope with the life demands on teenagers and the impact this has on their mental health.

  • The self-defence skills of RBM, information to immediately stop someone intent on causing them harm.

It’s important to realise you can’t send your kids to martial arts and expect them to learn how to survive against weapons and gang attacks, because the way martial arts are taught by most is unrealistic, it's ineffective and will not be of use if needed. It’s great for sport, fitness, socialising and fun, but that’s where it ends.

There is endless footage showing teenagers attacking each other with no fear of repercussion, with horrific incidents of young adults being ruthlessly beaten. It’s very clear teenage violence is becoming more of a concern than previously, especially with knife attacks on the increase. It’s essential to take charge of what you can control in life, which is preparing your teenagers for the reality of the world they live in. Giving them the information they need to stay safe.

Instead of learning what's comfortable for us to talk about and to accept, they should be taught the information relevant and applicable to what they may face.

What I mean by this, is rather than teaching arm locks and front kicks and expect to them stop an attacker without anybody being hurt, they should instead be taught how to immediately injure the person or people who are a danger. Their life is the greatest gift, they must know how to protect and preserve it.

However, RBM is not just about physical safety, and the need for stress-defence is at the forefront of each class. The need for mental health focus has become vital, the last few years have been tough for many people, and teenagers have had a particularly rough ride. The weekly sessions aims to address the stress they are under, building a mental fortitude to deal with the worries and anxieties of life.

A one-hour class will have various elements of:

  • Gentle stretching to loosen the muscles and remove residual tension.

  • Basic core exercises at a low level of difficulty and intensity, focusing mainly on posture.

  • Tai Chi for understanding how to centre yourself, promoting physical & mental balance from which you can deal with difficult situations.

  • The original 108 Shaolin Kung Fu form, developing focus, concentration and time out from all other thoughts

  • Lastly, a section learning what to do if ever attacked. No breakaway techniques, no fancy skills, only focusing on how to stop a person from hurting them. Unfortunately, the only way to stop a violent person is to injure them first, this is the reality we all want to turn away from and is exactly why nice people keep getting hurt, or worse.


The sessions aim to help young people build a real sense of value in themselves.

Increasing their self-worth and motivating them to protect themselves from all forms of harm. Whether that be a person treating them badly in a toxic relationship, a person threatening them with violence, or most commonly the damage a person does to themselves by stressing about things they have no control over, and with the negative self-talk people have about themselves.

The skills learnt to protect themselves will act as a safety net in life, giving them the confidence to leave situations they feel uncomfortable in and to speak up when it’s possible to prevent those situations from occurring. Life is easier when you know you protect yourself. The confidence knowing you are safe radiates positively through all areas of your life.


  • There will only be 6 people per class, this will help those who are anxious in large groups, but also ensure each person receives the focus and attention they deserve.

  • Safeguarding policies will be in place, all qualifications and insurance documentation will be made available

Email for more information

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