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The 'RBM 50'

Only 5 sessions per week - with only 10 people per session - the 'RBM 50'

To ensure each RBM session is of the highest quality:

  • The number of people per session will always be restricted to 10 per class.

  • RBM has only 5 classes  with Andy Rees scheduled per week.

    • Deal 

    • Walsham-le-Willows

    • Bury St Edmunds

    • London

    • Hitchin

  • There will only ever 50 people on the weekly RBM program at any one time, so your personal progress can be monitored and coached correctly. 

Session Outline

These sessions have been designed to deliver every aspect of what RBM dynamics has to offer you. In a nutshell, the format is to lower stress, keep the body healthy, and stay safe whilst enjoying life. 

Each session will have the elements of:

45 minutes:

  • Exercises for loosening & stretching the body to counteract the hours spent travelling and in front of the computer.

  • Core strength bodyweight exercises, movements you may have seen before but very different in their application,  moving the body with intelligent exercise.

  • Effective breathing patterns you can use without anyone knowing, helping to calm the mind and bring total focus on the task at hand.

45 minutes:

  • A self-defence system unlike anything else, helping you feel safe and secure, giving realistic solutions to the modern day threat of violence, including knife attacks, sexual assault, multiple attackers.

  • Exploring the warning signs which indicate an attack is heading your way.

  • Understanding the fight, flight & freeze response.

  • Learn simple ways to stop an attacker immediately by identifying targets and what happens when you strike these.

  • Loading the data into the memory banks so you don't need to consciously remember it

  • Learning how to quickly take control of a situation where a person is attempting to harm you.

  • This will also change how you approach everyday life, altering perceptions and decision making and lowering stress levels. 

  • All learnt in a safe environment.

The Details

These aren't seminars in a room rammed full of people copying what they've been shown, this is direct tuition with Andy Rees, the lead trainer and creator of RBM dynamics.​

  • There will only be 10 people in any session, ensuring each person receives quality tuition 

  • Safety first - information second!  You will learn information specifically designed to stop a violent threat to your life, this means you will be required to move slowly during the learning process to prevent injuries. Therefore, no speed or athleticism is required. Yes, you will be fast enough in a real threat and this will be explained during your sessions!

  • Fitness - Only a minimal level of fitness is required. Everything is set to your personal level.

  • Age - minimum age of 21yrs, unless discussed prior to the session.

If you would like to join the RBM 50, please email, stating which session you're interested in attending.

If the session you're interested in is full,  you can be added to the waiting list

in case a space becomes available.

Private group options and personal training options available on request. 

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